Thursday, August 16, 2007


I was walking in the park the other day during lunch. It was a nice day, I had some time for a short walk.

After eating at a picnic tale, I tucked my keys in my pocket, grabbed my camera and headed to the walking path. I use my camera to remind me to see things around me. I keep my eyes opening, looking for moments with God in what is around me.

I had taken a few pictures, and was poised to take another one, when my battery died. Just stopped working. Annoying. I had missed the little warning signal on the screen, and was completely surprised by the camera with no batteries.

Do we do that? Do we run around so much, that our battery just dies a quick and unexpected death. Our eyes close to God, our ears close, and our spiritual connection feels like the dry creek bread I wanted to take a picture of. Sometimes it sneaks up on us, even though there were warning signs that we could have paid attention to.



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