Monday, September 04, 2006

Does Love Make a Difference?

Does it make any difference?
Can it change the way we live?

He is loved.
He was loved without question
By his grandmother.
Against all reason,
Against all possibilities,
He is loved by his parents,
Even though he continually uses them,
and breaks their hearts.
He has family -- he had possibilities.
Addiction seems to have more power
than the love.
Today he turns 40,
and he's spending his birthday in prison.

Does love make any difference?
Is there any hope?
I know that there must be,
and yet I don't see it.
Forgive me, Father, for my lack of faith.

We are loved outrageously, without limits.
We are loved against all reason,
Against all possibilities.
And yet we turn away.
We continually break His heart.
Our treasures, our idols,
Our addictions,
All grow to more importance
Than the best we are offered.
We are loved by our Father,
And yet we turn away.

Does love make any difference
In the way we live our lives?
I know that it does.
I've seen transforming love.
I've felt its powerful, gentle touch.
Why do I doubt
When I know that there is hope?

Give him hope,
Give him a way to change,
To begin his life.
Give him light and freedom.
Change his world, Father,
with your transforming love.
Love can make a difference,
in the way he lives his life.
May it be so.


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