Saturday, April 15, 2006

One Shared Hour

They came together,
from different parts of the city,
from different walks of life,
united in one purpose for the evening,
to share an hour of prayer.
One hour in a forty-hour vigil
One hour between death and resurrection.

The leader distributed an order of worship.
He walked around the inside of their circle,
handing one to each.
When he reached his chair, he realized
that he had printed just enough for those who came,
even though he had had no idea how many would come.
The number who were present for the Last Supper.
God has fascinating ways of making Himself known.
And this would be only the first evidence
of his presence with them
for this one hour.

Even though most of them had not received the gift of song,
they sang.
It began with an almost silent humming,
building, as each voice added its strength.
Until the song was more than any of them
could have done on their own.

A cross was passed around the circle,
each holding it for prayer.
It was a cross that had been held by many,
one at a time painting it with prayer,
until it carried a Holy Patina.

Their prayer filled the room,
some spoken, some not,
all heard by God.
They lifted prayers of celebration,
heartfelt thanksgiving,
and humble confession.
They asked for healing of a brother,
and care of his family.
Blessings were named, as they realized in wonder,
that their blessings were too numerous to be counted.
They asked for God's spirit to fill His church,
and to rain down on His people.
Jesus was named as Savior,
his sacrifice praised with grateful hearts.

God's grace filled the room,
and His spirit moved among them,
touching each.
Prayers were offered,
some dripping with tears,
some elevated by joy,
some surrounded by gratitude.
All from the heart.

Communion was shared,
as it had been down through the generations,
for 2000 years.
A humble table, linking them to those
who had come before.
They served each other.
The body of Christ broken for you.
The blood of Christ spilled for you.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

One prayer was spoken last.
Another gift from Jesus,
The Lords prayer,
spoken in a circle
with hands clasped.
A fitting prayer to end the hour.

Prayers had been shared,
song, communion.
Love was passed around the circle,
Hugs and words of community.

One hour, shared with each other,
Shared with God.
Exactly one hour.
God's final pass to let them know
That there had in reality been fourteen in the room.


Anonymous Jeff the Methodist said...

Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place...

11:49 PM  

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