Thursday, April 26, 2018

The World Around You

Inspired by Psalm 19: 1-4a

If the voice of God
is quiet in your heart,
and you yearn for the sound
of God's praise and presence,
look to the heavens.

The sky shouts with praise for God,
as the clouds collide
with the rays of the sun.

Look to the earth around you.
The world has been sculpted by a master,
and its artist is obvious for those who will see.

Look to the passing of time.
Each day to the next
silently pours forth speech.
The dark of the night
testifies to its creator.

When you cannot hear God,
To the silence of the creation around you.
There are no words,
there is no speech,
there is no voice,
but still,
the praise of creation thunders
throughout the world,
from one end of the earth
to the other.

When God can't be heard in the noise of your heart
and mind,
turn to the world around you,
and hear the deafening praise.

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