Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I was just reading a blog post.  The author was talking about the skunks that try to make their homes in her backyard.  Or in her neighbor's backyard.  She said that they all have a smal amount of land, and if one of them has a skunk, all of them have a skunk.  There is no avoiding it.
That sentence struck me. If one of us has a skunk, all of us have a skunk.  The odor is shared. 

We judge each other, and call each other namess.  We point out the flaws in each others' faith and we judge our neighbors.  We do this, forgetting that the skunk in our neighbor's yard smalls just as bad as a skunk we get rid of in our own yards.  A person who is homeless.  An ill neighbor.  Whatever it night be, our faith in Christ is constant, as is his love for us.  With that in mind, can we help each other?  Instead of judging each other?  A skunk is a skunk.



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