Thursday, January 21, 2010

Great is His Word

The sky, the air, the clouds, the very heavens,
The home of God himself
Speaks of his glory.
The earth below our feet,
The trees, the mountains, the rocks
Speak of his creation.

Every day witnesses to God’s greatness
Every night declares its knowledge of God.
Even though their voices are silent and wordless,
Their proclamations are heard to the very ends of the earth.

God has placed the sun in the sky
And told it the path it must travel.
Its road is paved with the joy of its purpose
And nothing on earth is shaded from its heat.

God has set the world in order
Created the perfect plan for his creation,
Shown us the way to live
Made our paths straight,
Revived our souls,
Shared with us the wisdom of the ages.

His laws are right,
Bringing us joy,
Inspiring our reverence,
Opening our eyes,
Enduring forever.

His word is true and righteous.
Completely perfect and without compare.
His word is a pearl of great value,
Finer than any treasure,
Sweeter than life.

His laws are our warning,
Our security,
Our foundation.
In obedience we find great reward.

Lead me not into temptation,
Keep me from disobedience and sin,
So that I shall be blameless,
Free. Innocent.

I pray that my words,
My very thoughts,
The beating of my heart,
And the currents of my mind,
Shall be acceptable to you,
My God and my salvation.
My Rock and my redeemer.

Musings on Psalm 19

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