Saturday, December 29, 2007

Removing the Dirt

We have a set of shelves in our living room upon which we display nativity scenes during Christmas. J and I were setting them up today. Yes, I know, it's past Christmas, but people were coming to our house today, so we decided to set them up. Besides that, J really enjoys arranging them, and had been looking forward to doing it for a while.

Before I let him start the arranging, I dusted the shelves. Our largest set was already arranged, so I was moving the different pieces around, dusting. The thought went through my head -- we need to make sure that Jesus isn't sitting in dust.

I occurred to me that perhaps we do that too much. Do we clean up the story of Jesus, removing him from the smelly barn in our minds, removing him from the dusty roads and keeping him out of the vicinity of those who might try to hurt him, or kick dirt in his face. Do we try to do the same things in our own minstries?

I have a feeling that Jesus wouldn't thank us for that kind of protection. He wants to be surrounded by the unchurched, the homeless, the hungry and the sinful. He wants to get his feet dirty, and he expects us to do the same.



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