Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Logos: Joel 2:21-27

Call to Worship

(From Joel 2:21-27)

Leader:  We call to the soil, as the prophet has done before us, rejoice and be glad,
People: Do not be afraid, for the Lord has done great things.
Leader:  We call to the animals of the field, as the prophet has done before us,
People: Do not be afraid.
Leader:  The pastures are green, the trees bear their fruits, and the vine gives full yield.
People: Rejoice and be glad.
Leader: Family of God, be glad and rejoice in the Lord, for he has given rain and sunshine
People: The grain grows in the fields, the fruit bends the trees, and we have been given abundant gifts.
Leader:  Know that God is in our midst.  
People: There is no other.
All:  Do not be afraid.  Rejoice and be glad

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