Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Prayer of Praise

Oh, God, our God,
In our hearts, 
In our minds,
In our very souls
is a never imagined gratitude
for all that you are in our lives
And in the lives of those around us.
We offer our praise.

We know that the praise we offer
will be a pale return 
for what you have given to us.
For the grace you shower on us.
For the forgiveness that change our lives.
For the love that shows us who you are.
All that we have that matters is from you.
We have nothing to offer except our pale praise.

Inhabit our praise 
so that it is worthy.
Sing with us so that our song
is pleasing to you.
Help us to pray,
so that our prayers are lifted to your ears.
Inhabit our worship.

Oh, God, our God,
You love us in ways we cannot imagine
Or understand
Or grasp.
Help us to love you
Help us to love others
in ways that reflect
our grateful we are to you.


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