Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Curiosity and Whole-heartedness

There is a profound relationship - a love affair, really - between curiosity and wholeheartedness. How do we come to those aha moments if we're not wiling to explore and ask questions?.... (Brene Brown in Rising Strong)

Do you ever have those? The aha moment? In my spiritual walk, the aha moment is that moment when I see something new - something I've never seen before or something I've never known before.  Aha moments feel like steps forward - movements toward truth - movements toward a deeper understanding of the nature of God or of my purpose as a child of God. I love aha moments. They make Bible study seem effective and worth while.

According to the quote above, we can't have an aha moment without exploration and questions - without curiosity. The problem is, if we think we are right - if we think we have everything completely figured out, we won't have curiosity. We won't question or explore. We won't have aha moments, and we won't move any closer to a better understanding of God.

Have you ever considered that certainty can impede spiritual growth? 

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